Tuesday, February 1, 2011

DIY Tuesday - 2nd Attempt

Yesterday I achieved several New Year's Resolutions in one crafty afternoon:

1. Organize Stacks of Music. 
2. Reduce.  Reuse.  (We already recycle, smile.)
3. Try New Things
4. Make our house home-y without spending tons of money.

Still full of glee over my little creation, the music room is now free of the dusty clutter of music books, they are pared down, organized by genre and skill level (for the budding musicians in the house), and (joy!) reused to make a lovely decorating piece for said room.  And I learned a new skill!  (Who knew I could MAKE cute stuff?!)

Today's second attempt went even better:

I love the more ruffly look.  Using bigger pages, and a larger frame (13"), it looks almost tutu-like.  I'm ridiculously pleased with this little craft moment, while fully aware that the next one will likely strike years from now.  Crafty-repurposing = A (2nd Musical) Thing of Beauty!

1 comment:

  1. Love yet again! Nice work! I'm curious - did you cut the sheets of music in half? How did you attach them?
    Thanks again!